“The carpet phone” .. a new patent from Apple!

In light of the intensifying competition between major smartphone companies, the American company “Apple” did not launch a foldable iPhone like its South Korean competitor “Samsung”, and many were surprised by that, but “Apple” may use a new patent to attract new users and make its phone famous. An iPhone that rotates to look like a rug or a roll of paper.

The thin phone screen bends, according to the patent, at certain axes, and the future device includes a layer of protection of glass to protect the interface from scratches and any other damage to it with repeated opening and closing operations.

The patent considered adding coatings to the outer layer against fog, reflection and static electricity.

It is noteworthy that it is planned that “Apple” will launch its new phone, “iPhone 15” next September, but it is not expected that the “carpet phone” will appear in this expected event, as the earliest possible date is 2024.

Despite this, Apple has obtained many patents that have never turned into real technologies, and regardless of that, the new innovation could represent a window into what phones will look like in the future.

It is noteworthy that the authority responsible for patents had published a few days ago about this patent, noting that those in charge of it submitted an application for it last November.

The patent included the iPhone and the iPad as possible candidates for this technology.

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