UN reports are unrealistic and far from true

Spokesman confirmed Afghan Taliban Muhammad Naim that the UN reports are unrealistic and far from true, after the issuance of a UN report that talked about the restrictions imposed against Afghan women.

In an interview with Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath, the Taliban spokesman explained that some problems occur in Afghanistan, considering that UN reports exaggerate them.

He also pointed out that individual incidents occur against women in Afghanistan, but they do not reflect reality, as he put it.

A Taliban spokesman told Al-Arabiya that the movement challenges any evidence of its members beating girls, pointing out that the Taliban government is seeking to find a solution to women’s problems in Afghanistan.

He added that the issue of girls’ education is an internal matter that outsiders have no right to interfere with, stressing that no one from outside Afghanistan has the right to interfere in the affairs of its girls.

He pointed out that the government is considering changing some decisions related to girls in Afghanistan.

In the report, which covers the months of May and June, the United Nations Mission in Afghanistan said that the Taliban’s Ministry of Public Health had announced that only males would be allowed to take the exams to pursue specialized medical studies.

This came in the wake of imposing a ban on female medical students from taking graduation exams in February, and banning women from entering universities last December, according to the report.

Prohibition of movement and jobs

The United Nations indicated that it had recorded cases in which the Taliban imposed previously announced restrictions on women’s freedom of movement and jobs.

The report said that in early May, two Afghan female employees working for an international non-governmental organization were arrested by Taliban forces at an airport because they had traveled without a male relative.

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