We are severely underfunded

The media spokeswoman said World Food ProgramAbeer Atifa, the program sounded the alarm about the lack of funding several months ago and held many meetings with donor countries and stakeholders to fill the shortfall.

The spokeswoman added, in an interview with Al-Arabiya, today, Wednesday, that the program is going through a major financial crisis that has many causes, including the weakness of donor countries, and the failure to provide financial support in the required manner, with the rise in food prices due to the Ukraine crisis.

Abeer Atifa explained that the program announced last month that it would cut food aid to two million people inside Syria and 200,000 people in Palestine, and this situation is spreading at the level of the program’s relief operations all over the world, including Africa, Afghanistan and Somalia, where the program suffers from a severe lack of funding.

To counter this, a spokeswoman for the program said that it works mainly on voluntary donations, and it starts with a zero budget at the beginning of the year, and for every relief or emergency operation there is a voluntary mobilization of donations, and the program also deals with donor countries through conferences, meetings, direct communication, letters and studies that explain the effects of stopping aid. .

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