Carlos Ghosn threatens: I will not make them sleep peacefully!

After filing a lawsuit against Nissan, and claiming $1 billion in compensation, the former head of the Japanese auto giant confirmed, Carlos Ghosn “He is continuing his lawsuit,” considering that this report is nothing, compared to what he was exposed to in Japan and the distortion he suffered of his image.

At the beginning of this month, the well-known man filed a lawsuit with the Public Prosecutor in Lebanon, after he fled Japan in late 2019, and took the status of a personal claim against the Japanese company Nissan and its employees.

Ghosn threatens

Ghosn added, during an online press conference on Wednesday, that what he is looking for is not revenge, but rather an attempt to restore part of his rights, saying: “I just want to make sure that all the conspirators cannot sleep peacefully in their bed after what they have committed.”

While his lawsuit alleges defamation, defamation, and fabrication of material evidence by Nissan and about a dozen people, according to the Financial Times, which indicated that the Japanese auto company refused to comment on the lawsuit.

More than 3 years after his escape, Ghosn, who holds French, Lebanese and Brazilian citizenship, said he did not regret fleeing Japan despite his previously flamboyant lifestyle being restricted.

Interpol red notice

Ghosn has resided in his native Lebanon since December 2019, after he fled Japan, where he was awaiting trial after his arrest in 2018.

While the Japanese authorities suspect that Ghosn, the former head of the “Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi” alliance, did not disclose his full income to the financial authorities. He was also charged with concealing his salary between 2015 and 2018.

Ghosn was dismissed from the presidency of the Nissan Board of Directors, and then from Mitsubishi Motors. And in January 2019 he relinquished the presidency of Renault.

But the businessman says he fled Japan because he was convinced he could not get a fair trial in Tokyo.

It is noteworthy that Lebanon had received, last year, a red notice from Interpol against Ghosn, based on an international arrest warrant issued by the French authorities against him as part of an investigation into misuse of company assets and money laundering.

However, Lebanese laws do not allow the extradition of citizens to a foreign country for trial.

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