The famous chef Burak is suing his father…the reason is his famous restaurants

The famous Turkish chef Burak Ozdemir, owner of the CZN Burak restaurant chain, filed a lawsuit against his father because of the latter’s sale of the ownership rights to his son’s name.

And the international chef appeared in a video explaining to his followers that he had filed a lawsuit against his father, on charges of secretly defrauding him regarding his famous restaurants, stressing that he would continue his career in the world of cooking on his own.

He also indicated, in a clip circulated by the communication platforms, that he no longer owns any restaurant under his name, except for one restaurant in Istanbul, saying: “I hope you will not be deceived by the thieves who take advantage of my name and image.”

He attributed the dispute between him and his father to differences at work related to his selling the rights to his name to a foreign businessman without his knowledge.

The famous chef’s disagreements with his father are not the first of their kind, perhaps the last of which is his father’s opposition to his going to the areas affected by the violent earthquake in Turkey.

The crisis erupted between Burak and his father after the devastating earthquake in Turkey, as Burak sought to provide a helping hand as much as possible to the areas affected by the earthquake, but he faced obstacles from his father during that period.

Burak could not bear attempts to obstruct his aid to the earthquake victims in his home country of Hatay, which prompted him to cut off all ties with his father.

It is expected that Adlia Chaghlian will witness the first court session next September.

Burak, who claims he was deceived, is asking shops using his name and image to remove the signs.

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