A new case of the child, Lynn, that shook Lebanon.. The grandfather raped her, and the mother covered her up

The Lebanese street is still angry, awaiting punishment from the criminals who They killed the six-year-old Lynn Talibwho died in early July, days after she was admitted to the hospital, to find out that she had been subjected to physical assaults and repeated violations in the home of her maternal grandparents.

Lebanese media outlets have revealed that the investigation with the child’s grandfather (the mother’s father) has ended and he has been referred to the investigating judge, who is responsible for issuing the decision to arrest or leave him.

The mother covered up

The Appellate Public Advocate in the North, Judge Matilda Toma, sued the child victim’s grandfather and her mother, in the case of assaulting her, causing intentional harm, and covering up the crime for the latter.

The lawyer referred the prosecution papers and the preliminary investigation file to the first investigating judge in the North, Samaranda Nassar.

It is noteworthy that Lynn died in a shocking manner after returning to her mother’s arms during Eid al-Adha, and she spent 8 days with her at her grandparents’ house.

After the end of the Eid holiday, the mother took her daughter to a hospital in the region, due to her high temperature, but she later returned her home, according to local media.

repeated assault

However, the condition of the little girl apparently deteriorated again, and she was transferred again to Al-Minya Governmental Hospital, but she soon died.
Between two separate forensic medical reports, she was subjected to repeated sexual assault prior to her death.

One of the two reports also indicated that there were bruises on the girl’s face and swelling of her lips, after she was subjected to a sexual assault, which was a shock among the Lebanese, especially since the young girl did not exceed six years.

The Ministry of Public Health stated that the child was transferred twice to Minieh Hospital.

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