Watch the verbal exchange and beating on Lebanese television between a journalist and a former minister

A debate during the program “It’s Time” on Thursday evening between the former Lebanese minister, Wiam Wahhab, and the journalist Simon Abu Fadil on the issue of imposing sanctions against obstructed Lebanese politicians to elect a president, led to a dispute that began with a sharp argument that led to a conflict between the two and the public’s participation in the problem.

Problems began in the program presented by the journalist Marcel Ghanem, on the mtv channel, after an angry exchange took place, during which Minister Wahab threw a glass of water on Abu Fadil’s face, which led to an intensification of the situation, and to the anger of the audience, the minister’s companions and the media present in the program, to attack the dialogue table in the studio, according to what we see in the video shown, in which we see the former minister with glasses on his eyes.

Journalist Abu Fadel is the brother of the lawyer and political analyst Joseph Abu Fadl, and he was moderately injured as a result of the arguments that lasted for minutes, which ended with the dispersal of the two correspondents and those who were with them in the studio. However, everything returned to a continuing problem, outside the studio, when the escorts of the former minister beat Abu Fadel, “so the minister apologized for what happened outside,” according to what one of the Twitterers said.

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