Western weapons “do not help” Ukraine on the front

Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed on Friday that the counterattack launched by Ukraine to repel Russian forces in the south and east of the country had not achieved “any result” despite Western financial and military support.

Putin said during a meeting of the Security Council, the proceedings of which were broadcast on television: “Neither the huge resources that have been pumped into the Kiev regime, nor the Western supplies of weapons, tanks, artillery, armored vehicles and missiles help” Ukraine, stressing that it has not achieved “any result so far,” according to “Agence France Presse.”

Losses amounted to tens of thousands

He also added that the losses of the Ukrainian forces during the counterattack amounted to tens of thousands of soldiers.

He explained that “as a result of the suicide attacks, the formations of the Ukrainian armed forces incurred heavy losses, amounting to tens of thousands… tens of thousands of people,” according to the “TASS” agency.

“A very dangerous game”

In addition, the Russian president warned of the consequences of a “very dangerous game” by the West, which is trying to attract new countries into the conflict in Ukraine.

Commenting on plans to create a Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian military brigade, he said: “I will only say that it is a very dangerous game, and the authors of such plans should think about the consequences.”

“Aggression against Belarus”

While he warned that any “aggression against Belarus” would be tantamount to aggression against Russia, and that Moscow would respond with “all means” at its disposal.

And he added, “With regard to Belarus, which is part of the federal state, launching aggression against it would be tantamount to aggression against the Russian Federation, and we will respond to it by all means at our disposal.”

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