Women get an hour more sleep than men..Why?

The results of a British opinion poll revealed that women get an extra hour of sleep per night compared to men, according to the British “Daily Mail”.

And it turns out that the average woman, according to the results of the survey that included 2,000 Britons, sleeps about eight hours each night, while men usually sleep only about seven hours. And six out of ten couples said that the imbalance in sleep caused strain in their relationship.

The results also revealed that more than half of the participants slept at separate times to get an extra amount of sleep, and that one in ten used a separate bedroom.

Also, the results of the survey on sleeping habits in Britain indicate that while 60% of women tend to go to bed earlier than their partner, 66% of men wake up earlier in the morning because they need less sleep.

hot summer nights

Health England recommends getting seven to nine hours of sleep each night, but warns that a third of Britons will suffer from insomnia at some point.

The British also mentioned that the most common cause of sleep disturbance is temperature, with 64% of men and 62% of women struggling to get enough sleep during hot weather. Other factors causing disturbed sleep included light, pressure, noise, snoring and pets.

Their tasks are multiple

The results highlight that the number of hours of sleep is less during the hot summer months, and that many couples have completely different sleep patterns, while experts suggested that it makes sense for women to sleep more than men, because they multitask and use their minds more than men.

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