At a value of $400 million.. New US military aid to Ukraine

Three US officials revealed that the United States intends to announce very soon, next Tuesday, a new military aid package to Ukraine amounting to 400 million dollars, consisting mainly of artillery equipment, air defense missiles and vehicles, while Kiev continues its counterattack.

Two of the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity on Friday, said cluster bombs were not included in the aid package.

The officials explained that the package includes a number of Stryker armored personnel carriers, mine-clearing equipment, ammunition for surface-to-air missile systems (NASAMS), ammunition for high-mobility artillery missile systems (HIMARS), anti-tank weapons, including Tow and Javelin, and ammunition for Patriot and Stinger anti-aircraft systems.

The package has not yet been finalized and its terms may change.

The United States sent Enhanced Conventional Dual Purpose Munitions, which are cluster bombs fired from a 155mm howitzer, to Ukraine for the first time in early July.

Package 43

The package is funded by the Presidential Withdrawal Authority mechanism, which authorizes the president to send items and services from the US stockpile without congressional approval in an emergency. These materials are from surplus US stocks.

This security assistance package is the forty-third approved by the United States for Ukraine since the Russian invasion in February 2022, bringing the total amount of this assistance to more than $41 billion.

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