“If you greet me, I will shake you.” A new dispute between Amr Mostafa and Ramy Gamal

It seems that the differences of the Egyptian singer and composer Amr Mostafa will not stop, and hours after his crisis with Ramy Sabry, which ended in reconciliation, a new dispute occurred between him and his colleague Ramy Gamal.

Gamal appeared in a television interview in which he talked about Amr Mostafa, and that he is a narcissistic person, wondering about the number of people who have not yet been wronged.

Ramy Gamal criticized what Amr Mostafa does in television interviews, because this matter harms his profession in the end, and therefore they should stand next to each other better.

Those words were not to the liking of Amr Mostafa, as he quickly commented on them on his official page on “Facebook”, and wrote, “I leave you illegally encroaching on my melodies, I mean, and a melody that was sung in a program on the air I took it and made a song from it and photographed it, and in the end it says Alia Narcissistic.”

Mustafa sent an angry message to his colleague, without naming him, saying, “I swear by God, if I saw you anywhere, you and your appearance, you would not find anything from me but a look of contempt.. I was aware of running to say hello to me, as I did before, in order to mock you.”

Mustafa vowed to sue his colleague if his name was mentioned again, but then he retracted his words and deleted the post, and replaced it with another post in which he mocked what was being said about him.

“I’m a narcissist.. I’m conceited.”

Where he wrote, “I am a narcissist.. I am conceited.. I am separated from my colleagues and in my current situation, and I do not speak to anyone in the artistic community.. They rested and stopped remembering my name everywhere.”

The Egyptian composer considered that there are programs that appear specifically to insult and attack him, and the reason for this is that he does not wish to be a hypocrite, and refuses to thank some so that his image is good in front of everyone.

At the end of his message, Mustafa commented, “Ok, I want my image to be lonely.. Relax.” He ended the message and opened the debate again about his relationship with his colleagues in the artistic community.

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