To resolve the fate of Travis Scott’s concert in Egypt.. an urgent judicial session

Concluding the controversy over the fate of the global rapper’s concert Travis Scott In Egypt, the Administrative Judicial Court set an urgent session for tomorrow, Monday, to consider a lawsuit calling for preventing the holding of the party scheduled for next Friday.

The petitioner, Amr Abdel Salam, the lawyer, told that the court will consider the urgent part in Case No. 63405 of Judicial Year 77 filed against each of the Ministers of Tourism, Antiquities and the Interior, the Governor of Giza and the Syndicate of Musical Professions, to cancel the activities of the concert and all the consequences of the decision to hold it and take all security measures and measures to prevent it.

Tickets sell out in 11 minutes

It is noteworthy that Travis Scott was surprised by his refusal to enter the pyramids and the venue for the ceremony the day before yesterday, Thursday, as he was scheduled to enter with the organizing company in order to prepare for the ceremony.

While the regional director of Tickets Marche, the organizer of the ceremony, Mohamed Siraj, confirmed in statements to Egyptian media on Thursday that the company did not obtain an explicit paper to cancel the ceremony, pointing out at the time that he did not know until this moment the reasons for the controversy surrounding the ceremony through social networking sites.

He also added that the company had all the necessary permits, and accordingly decided to open the door for tickets, and they were completely sold out in only 11 minutes, in an incident that occurred for the first time.

“I don’t have any inappropriate weird rituals.”

And it was Travis Scott He sent a message to the Egyptians, urging them not to believe the rumors circulating about his party.

He also confirmed in a statement that, “I do not have any strange inappropriate rituals, but rather they are just celebrations that I present with my fans.”

He also added, “I have not presented, throughout my artistic career, any song that carries an insult to any people in the world,” stressing his full respect for the Egyptian people.

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