Wagner is in our territory to train our troops

Presidency confirmed Central African Republic That the Russian forces in its lands are present with a mission to train their forces, noting that the Russian forces are helping them to enhance security in their lands, in reference to the Wagner forces.

Fidel Guangica, senior advisor to the President of the Central African Republic, said in an interview with Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath on Saturday that his country had signed a defense agreement with Moscow that allows the presence of its forces on their lands.

He added that Russian forces are present in the Central African Republic and several other African countries, pointing out that Wagner’s forces are working to protect the country’s president.

He also made it clear that NATO and the West are working to destabilize the security of the African region, and said that his country is not afraid of coups, as Russia is working to protect them from Western powers.

He accused France of working to exploit his country’s resources in agreement with the former president, noting that the former presidents of his country were “slaves” to France, as he put it.

Guangjika said France had unilaterally withdrawn its forces from his country, accusing them of treating Central Africa as “private property.”

He added that France refused to provide his country with weapons to fight terrorism, which prompted them to search for them in Russia, stressing that their partnership with Russia benefits both countries.

British sanctions

Last Thursday, the British government imposed sanctions on eight individuals and five companies in Central Africa, Sudan and Mali, allegedly linked to the private military company “Wagner”.

The sanctions, in its new version published by the British Foreign Ministry, included “Lopay Invest Sarlou” and “Sawa Security”, which operates in the Central African Republic and is alleged to be “engaging in activities that undermine peace and stability” in the country.

Wagner spread to Africa

It is noteworthy that the Russian Wagner Group deploys forces in the thousands in Libya, Sudan, the Central African Republic, Mali, Madagascar and Mozambique, to provide support and security for Russian mining companies and the companies that work with them, according to some Western intelligence reports.

Its mission, like other military companies, was not limited to providing security services, but Wagner elements were involved in carrying out major tasks in conflicts and civil wars, in addition to the damage to its reputation due to the adoption of extremist right-wing ideas by its members.

For years, the Wagner Group has been accused of contributing to the realization of the Kremlin’s foreign ambitions, the latest of which is Ukraine, where it opened a headquarters in St. Petersburg, the second largest Russian city.

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