We have identified the perpetrators of the assassination of the Director of the World Food Program

Yahya Al-Atwani, Advisor to the Security Director of Taiz Governorate, stated that the identity of the perpetrators of the attack that killed the head of the World Food Program team has been identified.

Al-Atwani added that the security services are tracking them, stressing that the competent authorities have a well-articulated plan to secure officials of international organizations.

In parallel, the United Nations World Food Program expressed its deep sorrow over the killing of one of its foreign employees in Yemen, by unknown gunmen.

“Moayad Hamidi, a Jordanian citizen, passed away shortly after being transferred to the hospital,” the program said in a statement.

“Hamidi, a staff member in the humanitarian field, has worked for the World Food Program for 18 years, including a previous assignment in Yemen as well as a period in Sudan, Syria and Iraq,” the statement read.

“a deep tragedy”

“The loss of our colleague is a profound tragedy for our organization and the humanitarian community,” said Richard Ragan, WFP Representative and Country Director in Yemen.
“Any loss of life in humanitarian service is an unacceptable tragedy,” he added.

It is noteworthy that this is the second international official to be assassinated in Taiz since April 2018, when a Lebanese employee working for the Red Cross was killed by unknown gunmen in the Al-Dabab area at the southwestern entrance to the city of Taiz.

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