11 people were killed when a military plane crashed at Port Sudan airport

On Sunday, military sources reported that an Antonov military plane crashed at Port Sudan International Airport after take-off due to a technical malfunction.

The sources confirmed that 11 of the plane’s passengers were killed, and a number of the injured were transferred to Port Sudan Hospital.

are concentrated The battles that broke out in mid-April between the army and the Rapid Support Forces In the capital Khartoum and its suburbs and in the Darfur region in the west of the country.

The war has so far killed at least 3,900 people, according to the non-governmental organization ACLIAD, as well as the displacement of more than 3 million people, whether inside or outside the country.

Sudan is one of the poorest countries in the world, with more than half of the population needing assistance to survive, at a time when the famine warning has reached its maximum, and while more than two-thirds of hospitals are out of service.

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