Chef Burak is excited…a new restaurant “soon” despite his crisis with his father

announce The famous Turkish chef Burak Ozdemir The owner of the CZN BURAK restaurant chain announced the opening of a new restaurant after he lost all his restaurants as a result of his father selling the ownership rights to his son’s name without his knowledge, as he announced in a video clip that he posted on his official account on the “Instagram” application, which delighted his 50 million followers.

The Turkish chef’s announcement of opening a new restaurant in Istanbul came days after he filed a lawsuit against his father, who accuses him of fraud after selling the rights to his name without his knowledge. The first court session for his father, who is accused of fraud, is scheduled to take place next September, which is the time when the well-known Turkish chef will start opening his new restaurant.

The Turkish chef appeared enthusiastic with his famous smile on social media in a video clip, behind him his large restaurant surrounded by his picture, near which the phrase “very soon” was written. Through this clip, in which he thanked his followers for their support, he was keen to pre-promote his new restaurant by showing the huge hall consisting of two floors with initial decoration.

It seems that the new restaurant will be very luxurious and arranged, according to the video published by the Turkish chef, in which he appeared as he moved around the restaurant while the workers were completing their work to complete all preparations before its opening day in the month of September.

The father of the Turkish chef denies Fraud charges against himHe confirmed in press statements that he had the right to sell his son’s property rights. He also accused his son of taking advantage of the earthquake of February 6, which struck the south of the country, killing thousands and causing massive damage to the infrastructure.

Ismail Özdemir said his son “inherited his mother’s genes and made enmity” with his father, adding that the owner of the CZN BURAK restaurant chain provided assistance to earthquake victims with the aim of “advertising and gaining fame”.

And local Turkish media reported that the ownership of the famous restaurant chain was registered in the name of the father of the Turkish chef about 40 years ago. That is why he was able to sell it for $41 million to a foreign businessman.

Local media also revealed that the Turkish chef had to sell his luxury car to secure the funds he needed to open his new restaurant.

The Turkish chef’s crisis with his father dates back to last February It provides support to earthquake victims Especially for the state of Antakya, which is known in Turkish as “Hatay”, from which the Burak Ozdemir family descends.

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