Putin meets the President of Belarus and confirms that the Kiev counterattack “failed”

Russian President Vladimir Putin held talks today, Sunday, with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, in the first meeting between the two leaders since the rebellion of the Russian Wagner Group. And the transfer of its leader and a number of its fighters to Belarus.

The two presidents held their talks at Konstantinovsky Palace in Saint Petersburg.

Putin told Lukashenko during the meeting The counterattack led by Ukrainian forces To regain some of the territory lost since the outbreak of the war “failed”.

And the Belarusian president said during the talks with his Russian counterpart: “There is no counterattack,” but Putin replied: There is, but it failed.

Putin also said that “foreign mercenaries have suffered heavy losses as a result of their fighting for Ukraine.”

For his part, the President of Belarus revealed that Wagner’s Altai forces had moved to his country and wanted to “go to Poland,” but he stressed that he “prevents them” from doing so.

In another context, Russia announced on Sunday that it had destroyed all the targets identified in Ukrainian city of Odessa, Confirming that the targeted sites were preparing for “terrorist attacks” against Russia.

The Russian army said: “The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation launched a strike at night … on facilities where terrorist attacks against Russia were being prepared using drone boats,” stressing that “all identified targets were destroyed.”

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