There are no clear criteria for a successful song

Her latest song, “Me and My Heart”, achieved great success in the Gulf region, especially in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is the Yemeni star Arwa, whose song has exceeded 2 million views on the famous YouTube video site.

*In the beginning, how did you see the great success achieved by the song “Me and My Heart” and its exceeding 2 million views?

I am very happy with the success of the song “Me and My Heart”. For me, it is a kind of singing that I liked to present, as it is of the Saudi “threshold” color. The truth is that it was an old wish, and it was fulfilled with that song. Praise be to God, it was greatly appreciated by the audience.

Arwa singer

* How was the preparation for the song.. What attracted you to its words?

It was very strange, at the time when I was working on the song “Zalem” with the composer Adham, and he showed me the melody of the song “Me and My Heart” and I liked it very much, but he indicated that the words on it were taken by the poet from him, and that the new poet is Muhammad Saeed Hareb and he had written a new acquaintance with it, and because Harib is an old friend, I contacted him and asked him to change the lyrics of the song, but he told me that he was busy and would travel to the Maldives, and when he returns we will do that, I tried to make him work on it before his travel, but he refused, and I agreed with him, But he surprised me after his arrival in the Maldives by sending me the beginning of the song, which made me so happy that I cried out of happiness while I was in my car, and I asked him to complete the song, and I actually finished it completely at the end of the day, and it was implemented.

* What are the criteria by which you choose your songs, especially since you are very popular in the Arab world and the public is always waiting for your works?

Currently, there are no criteria in my choices for my songs. There are no clear criteria for a successful song. I rely on choosing a song that I love, and that it is new in terms of speech, and that the melody touches me, which is what I adopt in reality. Even in Egyptian singing, I search for poetry and melody and what I can and feel is special that I present.

* What are the most prominent reactions that came to you on me and my heart?

Of course, there were notable reactions, especially since it was the first time that I danced some Gulf dances in a clip like this, and he had a strong reaction, but the biggest comment was on the words of the song, as it is a state that many women and girls go through, a state of controversy between the girl and herself, her heart and her mind.

Arwa singer

Arwa singer

* The audience did not forget to comment on your elegance in the clip and your choice of clothes.. How did you see this?

The song was not meant to be released in this way to be a clip, but a Lyric Video, so we said that we should make an animated image instead of a still image, and I wanted to present this feeling, presenting the difference between fire and snow, so we chose leather because it is one of the clothes that show excitement, violence and torture, but it shows the woman that she is sexy and beautiful, so our choice of leather even was not without reason, but to express with it the state of excitement and mystery, which reached the audience, but we chose one outfit so that the audience could focus with the lyrics of the song and not be distracted with more than one outfit.

* You recently released an unjust clip.. How did the idea of ​​it come to you?

The preparation for this clip was a bit strange, filming with director Alaa Al-Ansari, although it was one day, it was tiring and long, and I had poisoning when I met my friends in Beirut, and the emergency entered almost dawn, and the filming was supposed to take place at 12 noon, but I could not out of pain go on time. My husband wanted to cancel the filming, but I was determined not to cancel it, and this is what I gained from the long experience, so I can control the work even during illness, and I went to the filming at 2 pm, and we filmed for almost more than 24 hours, and the filming took place.

*Are there girls who shared their difficult stories with you after watching the clip?

There were many of them, as he sent me many messages on my social media containing their stories and also there were people around me who told me that I was able to reach their pain which is sometimes unspoken from many women, and songs for them are an outlet for what they feel.

Yemeni singer Arwa

Yemeni singer Arwa

Is there a plan for a new program soon?

All the time there are plans for new programs, but what is important is the timing in which they will be shown on the screen for the chosen channel, but there are new programs, but I will announce everything in a better time.

Do you prefer singing to presenting programmes?

I do not prefer one thing over the other, for everything has its time. I love the singing that I present and the situations that I present, and at the same time I love presenting programs and having my own program.

*Why was the acting step delayed.. and why did you apologize for more than one scenario?

I do not know what is the reason and why the delay in it, but I study it a lot and I am afraid of entering it, so I read many works that are presented to me and when I get approval for them, I hesitate to submit them, and I feel that they do not suit me, and sometimes what I like I do not have a share in it, but I feel that I was not destined to work with it.

* Is it possible to repeat the prank experience again after your success with Ramez Jalal?

I don’t think, the prank move was a delicious and unexpected surprise for the audience from me, but I don’t think it will be repeated again.

* What is the truth about your participation in a Gulf series shown on one of the platforms?

There is no such thing, and for sure if I had a job as an actress I would definitely announce it.

* What about your upcoming works?

There will be a number of songs and clips, and maybe a program, and we will announce everything in due time.

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