With a knife, salt and electricity.. Details of a heinous crime that shakes Iraq because of the killing of a child at the hands of his stepmother

A horrific crime took place in Baghdad yesterday, Saturday, which led to the death of a 7-year-old child after being tortured by his father’s wife, according to what the Iraqi Network for Women’s Rights quoted from a security source.

The network said that the child, Musa Walaa, was subjected to severe torture by his stepmother, which included the use of electricity, then a knife, salt and suffocation, until he died in Al-Khatib area of ​​Al-Shula city in Baghdad.

The effects of bloody torture

The pictures of the child, which were spread on social media, angered the Iraqi street, especially since his corpse bore traces of the bloody torture he was subjected to.

The same network indicated, quoting the security source, that “the woman involved in the crime did not suffer from any psychological or mental illness.” And the source added, “The security services managed to arrest the wife of the child’s father to complete the investigative procedures and refer her to the competent judicial authorities.”

Find the body of the child

And Iraqi media had reported that, on Thursday, the body of the child was found, lying on the ground in the house, and he had died, while the signs of torture were clearly visible on his body.

An officer who witnessed the crime scene explained to “Ultra Iraq” website that “signs of severe torture appeared on the child’s body,” noting that “after an in-depth investigation, the wife confessed to having committed the crime of violence, and she is now subject to legal procedures at the Shula police station, in preparation for her presentation to the judiciary.”

Today, Sunday, the Iraqi TV channel quoted eyewitnesses as saying, “The family of the child’s father filed a lawsuit against his wife, after the police managed to arrest her while trying to flee the area,” and that the child’s father works within one of the official security services, while the motives for the crime are not known yet.

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