With inexhaustible tears.. Watch the youngest jockey in Iraqi Kurdistan bid farewell to her horse

In a very touching scene and with inexhaustible tears, the youngest equestrian in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Lania Fakher, aroused a state of great sadness and sympathy for her on social media, by crying with great burn over the death of her horse.

A video clip of the 8-year-old girl, Lania Fakher, was spread on social media platforms and is classified as the youngest horsewoman in the Kurdistan region, as she appeared weeping intensely over the death of her horse.

Love and loyalty

The little knight talked about the story of her horse, saying: “My father gave me this horse, and I loved him very much and took care of him every day and gave him food.. On the last day, I went to feed him because he was sick, and his doctor was preventing me from approaching him, but I insisted on feeding him.”

She added, “Everyone knew that my horse had died, but they hid it from me..I cried heartily when I saw him dead, and I felt that the world was collapsing..I lost my best friend, and I still go with apples and sugar to his grave. I will not forget him, and I will continue riding horses, and I will have someone else, but my love for his body will not die.”

Lania Fakher had said earlier, saying: “I love this horse very much from the heart, and it feels me when I kiss it..I love it from the heart and it feels that I love it from my heart, and hears my words in everything. My ambition is to raise the flag of my country on the back of the horse outside the homeland..I hope that when I grow up, I will have a special place in which the young men and women of Kurdistan learn equestrian at my hands.”

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