Chef Burak’s father responds to his son…and accuses him of exploiting the earthquake

Ismail Ozdemir has renewed his denial of the accusations leveled against him by his son, the famous Turkish chef Burak, about selling the rights to his name without his knowledge for $41 million to a foreign businessman, in his latest media appearance since he His son accused him of fraud A few days ago, a crisis broke out between them months ago, against the background of the famous chef providing assistance to the victims of the earthquake that struck southern Turkey on the sixth of last February, but the chef’s father accuses his son of exploiting the humanitarian catastrophe that befell the country for “propaganda and gaining fame.”

Ozdemir, the father of the well-known chef, said in statements reported by the Turkish electronic platform ODA Tv, that his son took advantage of the natural disaster that befell the country about 6 months ago, as he provided assistance to the earthquake victims with the aim of “propaganda.”And he didn’t do it in his heart.As he says.

Burak’s father also addressed his wife, as he accused his son of carrying “his mother’s genes,” accusing him of creating enmity with him, denying all charges leveled against him by his son.

In this regard, he said, “I have nothing to do with fraud, and Burak provided assistance to earthquake victims with the aim of propaganda and took advantage of social media to achieve this,” adding that “he really changed about two years ago.”

Burak had accused his father a few days ago By selling the rights to his name without his knowledge For $41 million to a foreign businessman. As a result, he filed a lawsuit against his father for fraud.

The first court session is scheduled to start in Istanbul in early September, which is the time when the Turkish chef will start opening his new restaurant in Istanbul.

The Turkish chef appeared enthusiastic yesterday in a new video he posted on his official account on the “Instagram” application, with his famous smile on social media.

The video also featured his large restaurant surrounded by his pictures, which he wrote Next to it is the words “very soon.”Where he was keen, through this clip, in which he thanked his followers for their support, to pre-promote his new restaurant by displaying the huge hall consisting of two floors with initial decoration.

It seems that the new restaurant will be very luxurious and arranged, according to the video published by the Turkish chef, in which he appeared as he moved around the restaurant while the workers were completing their work to complete all preparations before its opening day in the month of September.

For its part, local Turkish media reported that the ownership of the famous restaurant chain was registered in the name of the father of the Turkish chef about 40 years ago, and that is why he was able to sell it for $41 million to a foreign businessman.

Local media also revealed that the Turkish chef had to sell his luxury car to secure the funds he needed to open his new restaurant in Istanbul.

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