The right and the far right were “defeated” in the elections

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced on Sunday that the right and far right had been “defeated” in the elections.

“The reactionary bloc of the Popular Party and the Vox Party has been defeated,” Sanchez told excited socialist activists gathered outside the Socialist Party’s headquarters in central Madrid.

He added, “We are the ones who want Spain to continue to advance. Our numbers are much greater.”

Earlier, partial results of the early legislative elections showed a very slight advance for the Spanish right over the socialists led by Prime Minister Sanchez, who still has chances to stay in power through the game of alliances.

After just over 75 percent of the ballots were counted, the partial results showed that the Popular Party, led by Alberto Nuñez Viejo, won 132 seats out of 350 in the House of Representatives, and its only ally, the far-right “Vox” party, won 33 seats.

Thus, the Popular Party has strengthened its parliamentary bloc by 43 seats compared to the last elections held in 2019, but it has not reached the 150-seat threshold that Ficho had set as its goal.

The outcome of the two parties was limited to 165 seats, a number that does not rise to an absolute majority (176 seats).

On the other hand, the partial results showed that the Socialist Party won 126 seats, and its ally, the radical leftist Sumar, won 30 seats.

Polls had indicated that the Popular Party would be able to form a government through an alliance with the far-right Vox party.

Such a scenario would bring the far right back to power in Spain for the first time since the end of Franco’s dictatorship nearly half a century ago (1975).

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