The Voice Kids star reveals the secret of his retirement from singing for months

A case of controversy caused by the young Egyptian singer Khaled Al-Fayed, when he announced his retirement 5 months ago, and his departure from singing completely, before returning again with an apology.

The young singer, who was known to the public after his participation in the “Voice Kids” program, announced his return from retirement, after he published a photo of him with producer Hani Mahrous on his Facebook account.

He commented on the photo, saying: “The biggest mistake I made in my life is that I heard people’s words..I was sincere from my heart..but I found the opposite from them. May God suffice you the evil of adultery in the ear and idle talk.”

The young singer revealed that he was manipulated and laughed at in order to persuade him to retire from singing, but he returned once again to what he loves and wants to do.

Khaled Al-Fayed confirmed that there are many things that he cannot explain at the present time, but he acknowledged the error in the right of the producer, Hani Mahrous, and the submission to some of the people who caused the crisis.

The young singer mentioned that the lesson he learned was not to give his ear to anyone in order to spray poisons into it, and he asked his followers not to make this mistake again.

After that, Al-Fayed published a picture of him with the oud and commented on it, saying: “Music makes us miserable better.”

The post sparked a division between supporters and opponents, which prompted the young singer to go on a live broadcast in order to answer the questions of his followers.

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