Various pictures taken by a rover on Mars of non-human-made objects

The news about Mars is serious this time with great distinction, because its source is scientists from NASA, European universities and American scientific institutes. Its summary is that the Curiosity rover since mid-2012 on the surface of the Red Planet took pictures last April of what appears to be rows of nails, plates and wedges protruding from the rocks on the crust of the Gale crater, which has a diameter of 154 km in Mars.

What appeared in the pictures, was considered by the astrobiologist, Dr. Nathalie Cabrol, an activist at the Ames Research Center of the American agency “NASA”, as well as at the Seti Institute to search for intelligent beings outside the Earth, the strangest rocks she had ever seen during her 20 years of studying the red planet.

A new research paper, published in the Journal of Astrobiology, concludes that the formations may be “sand thorns” similar to those known to form on Earth in water-filled sands during strong earthquakes of magnitude 7 or greater. However, the researchers caution that “a fragment from an extraterrestrial spacecraft cannot be ruled out with absolute certainty,” noting that what appears in the images as wheels, an axle and a debris field has been imaged in another part of the crater.

Rock The scientific paper explained its contents

And what the first author of the research, Professor Richard Armstrong, Lecturer in Health and Life Sciences at Aston University in Birmingham, said, and read it on the website of the British newspaper The Telegraph today, that there is no way to prove what the nails are with certainty, but the balance of evidence indicates “sandy elevations resulting from seismic activity on Mars, and he said: “I think that the mysterious wheels are a separate phenomenon, as images of Mars often show strange formations and features similar to familiar objects, and any debris field on the surface of Planet C It definitely suffers from erosion over time, especially due to the wind,” he said.

It doesn’t look like anything from Earth

In the images taken by Curiosity, at least 6 rocks appear with strange bumps, including one with 11 evenly spaced bumps. Wedge-shaped objects resembling shark tusks can also be seen under the nails, in addition to plates, which appear to have embedded nails, “things that are unlikely to be human-made.” Rather, it has been speculated that the strange objects were fossil fish bones, dinosaur bones, or the result of Martian winds.

Many also suggested that it could be the remains of a wrecked vehicle or discarded equipment, especially since at least 10 spacecraft have crashed or lost contact with Mars. Even small fragments of Curiosity fell off while it was rolling over the planet, so experts estimate that the Red Planet has 7,119 kilograms of human-origin debris on the Martian surface.

It’s different in the new paper, however, because experts say the UFOs are unlikely to be associated with human spacecraft “because they don’t look like anything from Earth” and there is no clear debris field and no evidence of any additional debris that may have originated from Earth.

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