Chef Burak fails for the first time to turn a pot of grape leaves.. What happened to him?

While his crisis with his father is still topping the news and communication sites, he failed Turkish chef Burak Ozdemir In the heart of a pot of grape leaves for the first time, contrary to what he used to master these movements despite the large sizes of cooking pots.

Followers attributed this failure to the psychological and health conditions that Burak is going through after his crisis with his father, who accused him of selling the rights to his name to a foreign businessman without his knowledge.

While other followers mentioned that the size of the pot is very large, and he had never carried anything like it or its heavy weight, so he could not turn it over, and not because of his psychological or health condition, as in other comments.

Earlier, Burak Ozdemir, the owner of the CZN Burak restaurant chain, filed a lawsuit against his father because the latter sold the ownership rights to his son’s name to a foreign businessman without his knowledge.

And the international chef appeared in a video explaining to his followers that he had filed a lawsuit against his father, on charges of secretly defrauding him regarding his famous restaurants, stressing that he would continue his career in the world of cooking on his own.

The Turkish chef’s father denies the charges against him of fraud, as he confirmed in press statements that he has the right to sell his son’s property rights. He also accused his son of taking advantage of the earthquake of February 6, which struck the south of the country, killing thousands and causing massive damage to the infrastructure.

For its part, local Turkish media reported that the ownership of the famous restaurant chain was registered in the name of the father of the Turkish chef about 40 years ago, and that is why he was able to sell it for $41 million to a foreign businessman.

The first court session is scheduled to start in Istanbul in early September, which is the time when the Turkish chef will start opening his new restaurant in Istanbul.

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