music: Matoma’s New Song ‘Take Me To The Sunshine’ Cures Seasonal Depression

It’s the dead of winter here in Chicago. There’s nearly a foot of snow on the ground and we’re lucky to see the sun for a couple of minutes a day (on a good day). But this Friday went from fatigued to fantastic when I stumbled across Matoma’s new song, ‘Take Me To The Sunshine‘.

The Norwegian DJ/producer teamed up with SUPER-Hi and BullySongs to bring listeners a taste of summer in early February.

“I’m missing summer, I’m missing the good vibes, I’m missing, like, feeling the heat!” Matoma said of the new track when giving fans a preview of ‘Take Me To The Sunshine’ on his Instagram page.

Well, mission accomplished, Matoma. I’m missing all of those things too, but ‘Take Me To The Sunshine’ delivered on its namesake.

The mellow intro encompasses my current winter mood, but the tropical synth hook and soothing vocals took my mind to a beach in the middle of summer. Hell, the sun even peeked through not long after I first came across it on my Spotify Release Radar. Coincidence? I think not.

Check out the full song for yourself and stay tropical, my friends.

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