The Arab world is witnessing an astronomical phenomenon that will not be repeated 18 years ago.. I know the details

The Arab world witnessed, this early Monday morning, a phenomenon that would not be repeated in this way 18 years ago, an excuse for observing the passage of the crescent moon with 3 planets, Venus, Mars and Saturn, combined together in the same part of the sky, for the RT report.

Earlier, the Jeddah Astronomical Society said: “The crescent of the moon is observed in the early morning sky before sunrise on Monday, March 28, 2022, the planets Venus and Mars, and Saturn the group together in the same part of the southeastern sky, within a circle of 8 degrees in the sky of the Arab world.”

Library: “Venus is the brightest planet and there are two fainter planets near it, Saturn and auxiliaries to the right of it and the moon is only about 19% bright, it will make the amazing view closer to science fiction, but the scenes of the naked eye and the photo booth.”

Title: “Besides, you’ll have Mercury in the same part of the sky but Jupiter very low above the horizon.”

She continued, “Seeing color vision, but it’s really needed.”

“During the morning of this day (Tuesday 29 March), there will be a conjunction with Jupiter,” the assembly explained.

And she concluded by saying: “Do not miss seeing this astronomical event – these three planets will gather in this way again after 18 years in early September 2040.

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