China is looking into the use of algorithms by major tech companies

Plans to operate in an Iranian airspace, a state-controlled, internet organisation, would target high-impact websites and platforms that did not summon any particular companies.

Nonsense According to business insider, the regulator wants tech companies to submit their algorithms for review to prevent use and false information.

If officials determine that the company’s algorithms are flawed or somewhat illegal, the companies face unspecified penalties.

Most technology companies rely

What is the name of the organization in China, which was put forward earlier.

These basic rules of Stanford’s DigiChina Act, forbidding fake news writing the way of algorithms.

They increase ads as busy.

It is a partner in Algorithms, an effort by China, the trading and proprietary company via, the parent company of TikTok ByteDance, and payment and commerce conglomerate Alibaba.

Thanks to the sheerness of their apps and websites, and the growing connectivity in China, they have turned these companies into billionaires.

China, eager to maintain the central base on the Internet, targets commercial companies; where and how; And indirectly exercise on the founding CEOs.

The first picture of the situation in the area you feel like you’re feeling through email, and social hotspot.

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