NASA retracts SLS Moon rocket launch for repairs after failed refueling tests

After several attempts to complete an important fuel test for its next generation Space Launch System, it has decided to end the rocket’s “wet rehearsal” at a later date, engadged report.

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NASA will also take the opportunity to replace and repair a helium check valve as well as a hydrogen leak in one of the “secret” fuel lines operating from the rocket’s launch turret.

The agency said it had energy and options to show energy before launch.

The press conference scheduled for this evening, April 18th.

The first attempt in April, NASA has attempted three times to “rehearsal” the Artemis 1 Moon attempt, and the test is designed to replicate the descending procedure that the SLS will undergo when it begins later this year.

You have discovered an opportunity to get hydrogen in Gemini in the moving zodiac.

Early on, the agency left the door open for another attempt early on. And, for example, she had the agency problem confident that she was going to fly.

Charlie Blackwell Thompson, Artemis launch director, said Friday: “We’ll finish in Arabic, and together we’ll take the next step, we’ll take the appropriate steps and we’ll launch soon.

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