A Chinese robot mouse is a procedure in search and rescue operations.. Get to know it

Scientists from the Beijing Institute of Technology have removed the latest robot animal after dogs and fish, a robotic mouse.

The scientific team from China hopes that the “Skuro” will be useful for filling narrow gaps, while carrying out search and rescue missions.

And then the development of the robotic mouse “Skuro”, studied the bodies and movements of mice, and built a long and flexible spine just like a real animal.

In the operations it has undergone, we have been able to perform up to 3.5 inches, across a 1.1-inch-high obstacle, and climb from 15-degree logical operations.

It is noteworthy that last January, the Chinese army unveiled a huge robotic yak bull, strong enough to carry up to 352 pounds, and even capable of running up to 6 per hour.

They can be operated by soldiers formally, on logistics missions and reconnaissance across complex environments, including snowfields, deserts, and mountains.

It will involve robotic bull missions in remote border areas, as well as in high-risk areas, according to reports from Chinese state media.

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