Inventions that help heal the wounds of diabetics

PIO announced, programmed, building, building nanoparticles to heal wounds and accelerate their healing for use in the skin, useful in the treatment of diabetic patients.

Arose for what RT reported, “We have devised a new method to produce membranes from nanofibers achievable as multiple as proteins for growth motifs in the process of tissue regeneration.”

It is possible that the infection will turn into diabetes. This leads to a disease condition that leads to a disease condition. To overcome these problems, scientists are developing protective shields to protect wounds from infection.

Monoff adds, “Degradable materials serve as the basis for cells, cells, backgrounds and backgrounds and for their structure to be as close as possible to the natural structure of our tissues – the intercellular substance.”

And it was clear from testing this example on mice in the first stage of development, that the fit is completely suppressed inside the wound.

And hopes to develop scientific research in the field of scientific research.

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