Meta opens its first retail store in California

The company Meta, which owns the Facebook platform, has opened its first store on Earth, specifically in the city of Burlingame, in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA.

The Associated Press said that the company opened its first store, to display its products such as virtual and augmented reality glasses, as well as smart glasses inside.

Glasses set close to the portal, and the neighborhood beach

Meta is trying to develop the Metaverse profile, which was announced last year by the company’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, with a case of using avatars in this world, which can perfectly match what he does in the real world, such as the end of a trip, a concert or Attending business meetings, which is expected to be the big leap in the development of the Internet.

Expansion of the company to increase its profits, after it recorded profits below expectations during the end of the last quarter of last year.

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