Twitter announces steps to combat the spread of misinformation in times of crisis.. Details

Taking further steps to slow the spread of misinformation in times of crisis, the company will try to inflate information as it tries to avoid raising falsehoods that could lead to serious harm, engadged report.

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The company plans information-to-air “multiple sources that are credible and publicly available, and those among them are humanitarians, open investigators, and conflict-monitoring journalists.”

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Yoel Roth, Head of Safety and Integrity at Twitter, wrote, “Editing content is more than just the content of the article, and it broadens the coverage we may take.”


The company will also make its atmosphere, placing visual associations notices.

And he’ll need to tap on the notification, and he’ll need to turn it back on.

“Violated this photo from the shooting of the shooting regarding misinformation about the erroneous?

Please save the information about plants related to plants related to equal accountability to the email.

The company says it will start adding the notice to the visual misleadings related to the war in Ukraine.

Pictures that appear while shooting Pictures that contain pictures appear during shooting.

Actions began on Twitter.

Some exceptions to the rules refer to personal anecdotes, first-person accounts, talk, claim validation, or “strong comment”.

However, a lot of subtleties about closing the deal and when.

* Mask should only be on Twitter to suppress illegal speech (which is also a complicated issue, because rules vary by jurisdiction),

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