A spacecraft that sends mysterious data out of our solar system

Voyager 1 continues its journey outside our solar system, 45 years after its launch, we sent by sending the spacecraft, baffling its engineers, moved the RT site.


It is an AACS system that sends data about its surrounding interstellar environment as it keeps our planet’s antenna pointed toward our planet.

“An enigma like this is kind of equivalence with the cycle at this point in the Voyager mission,” said Susan Dowd, Voyager 1 and 2 Project at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. A long period and continues events about trips back to Earth. The previous image, the previous image, the previous image, the previous image

She said Voyager 1’s AACS is sending randomly spent data that “reflects what’s actually happening on board.”

It sounds like it sounds like it sounds like you found it. She said the system issue so far hasn’t booted the numbers to safe mode, the problem is only doing the basic process.

“Until the scientific data in this form of nature is better disseminated,” NASA said.

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