The trick of fatal errors in charging the iPhone .. Get to know it

You may encounter charging failure issue.

You may have forgotten the power supply, or the USB cable may not be connected to the adapter correctly.

You have not properly secured the wireless charger, or fully inserted the lightning connection.

That you wake up in the morning without charging your iPhone.

Fortunately sweet.

You can have Siri speak out loud when your smartphone is connected.

And she’ll also speak up when he’s fired.

This way you will surely know that your iPhone is correctly connected when it is connected.

accidentally disconnected you will be alerted as well.

It works with Siri Shortcuts, a new feature added with the iOS 14 update.

How to set up Siri charging ads on iPhone

First, make sure that the latest version of iOS is in this report.

Then open the Apple Shortcuts app.

Click the plus sign in the top corner.

Choose Create Personal Automation.

Check Check the previous connection and the previous part of the previous page.

Now, go to enter an action.

Choose Speak and tap the text, then tap the faint “Text” area to add words.

These words are what Siri will say out loud, so consider adding something like “Charging iPhone.”

Click Next again and turn off Ask before playback.

Show “Don’t ask” and the popup appears as well.

Also announcing that ‘Alert On Play’ is selected to turn off policyless alerts.

Click Done and the process is complete.

Siri will now talk to have your iPhone connected to or disconnected from a charger.

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