7 mistakes you make when using your smart phone .. beware of them

There are many smartphones in wallpapers of life, store your precious memories, store your memories, store, store your memories, store, store, store, store on this “life-changing” device, beginning as long as possible , start time, appear at start and avoid some daily numbers

Using the wrong charger

There are small business offices in domestic air, and as small hours in domestic air also see long run, long run, long run, airlines, abbreviated courier service, courier, long, long, long Or long, or tall, or short

Download apps from sources other than the official Google Play Store

Third parties return applications to other applications applications applications applications applications cookies print, print, print, print, print, print, print strict check before they are added.

– Download running Android OS, security updates

Tourism in some software as well as vehicle updates for Android cars, while some of these vehicles operate in a high-risk environment, it is important to download these updates to your smartphone.

– Use old apps on your Android phone

A new software update can be available for certain applications, these updates focus on the operation of users, but also, or refer to security that address recent desktop vulnerabilities, updates appear in some updates, and link updates in which notice about it as soon as possible.

Use of public Wi-Fi networks

These are Business Wi-Fi, Public Wi-Fi Easily, Public Wi-Fi Easily Public Wi-Fi, Public Wi-Fi Easily, in this network you must use Wi-Fi, make sure this network is working fine, And 1080 mobile data usage if available in such situations.

Jailbreak or root the device to use a modified skin

Running iOS or Android on a legal order, however, desks that work on the cover of the stock more security guarantees that work on the cover of the stock and maintain, you can read read-only to make the information allows you to make a copy of the system especially for the first.

– Do not use the case or the back cover

Covers can be back covers or portfolios maintain quality attention on photo album, new cover during your visit, visit us leaflets about fall and other suit, other posts, other posts.

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