Robots that can clean the house and help you with routine things

The company “Dyson” announced the innovation of robots, fueling people in cleaning homes, according to the Arab News Agency Net about the newspaper “The Guardian”.

And the company’s engineers, prototypes, displayed the same page

Among the cars that the company’s engineers presents, a robot with a robotic arm for cleaning furniture, car guides, archives, bulkiers, furniture, and archives.

The company has announced the appointment of 250 engineers for the engineers, and the company has announced the appointment of 250 engineers specializing in computer and technology, and it intends, during the appointment period, to do no less than 700 implementations, and start establishing projects, and the specialty of about 750 million dollars to develop this new technology.

It is noteworthy that the Dyson company, last May, had announced the innovation of the region’s headphones equipped with a purification system, this system being pulled by a compressor and pumped through the filter to purify it and then to the respiratory system.

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