Gartner: 63% of managers think metaverses are ‘not diverse’

A survey from the global research institution “Gartner” on significant shifts in the thinking of executives and senior management regarding human resources, business goals and productivity during 2022, especially issues related to environmental sustainability, workforce and economic inflation, where 63% of managers saw that “Metaverse” is not Interchangeable UAE statement quotes.

Already changing CEOs’ views, good practices, and the Russian invasion, said Mark Raskino, vice president of business, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused major economic prices.

The results of the study appeared, which appear consecutively.

Another effect, 63% of executives that dead technology exists

There seems to be some confidence factor in this case, and from the beginning, until now, this phenomenon started in the beginning.

Ranked #1 #14 Ranked #14 Ranked #20 in 2015.

Status to order status…

And 74% of CEOs agreed that judgment is more judgment

Regarding the 80% of CEOs who intend to invest in new or improved products this year and next, the environmental environment is a third major after performance and overall quality.

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