Steps .. How to make a hotspot connection from your iPhone mobile

Wi-Fi Hotspot on Wi-Fi Hotspot Wi-Fi Hotspot Not only iOS users but the iOS cellular version of Wi-Fi calling.

1. Go to Settings

2. Tap on Personal Hotspot

3. Switch to Allow Others to Join

4. Enter your personal connection password, if prompted

You can also set your own password if you want to give access to a limited number of people.

There are also other ways you can connect it to other devices:

Set up a Wi-Fi hotspot using Bluetooth

– Pair your iPhone

– Tap Pair on iPhone and enter the code displayed on the screen

Enter the password when prompted

Set up a Wi-Fi hotspot using USB

– Attach your iPhone to your computer

-Choose iPhone from the list of services that appear in Settings (the registered name of the iPhone owner will appear)

– Click on the Wi-Fi icon that appears next to the iPhone

Enter the password, if necessary. finished, now

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