The market value of the 100 largest global companies has reached $31.7 trillion.. Apple is at the fore

New report the market value of the top 100 companies on the level increased by market capitalization, then Microsoft, Alphabet and Amazon, Inc. presented by the London-based accounting firm PwC.

And Apple regained its crown as the world’s largest company by market capitalization with a valuation of 6 percent and 13%, reading that “the minimum entry to the list is now $129 billion, which may be ahead of you in the future entry from the IPO.”

Semiconductor manufacturing ranked 10th, and the market capitalization house 541 billion, once from the previous year, and Amazon’s market value increased by 61% in the year to (March) 2021, backed by the home of the growing “stay in economy” seen throughout 2020, 2021, on the scale that Amazon was not in the fourth place.

And the market value of the Elon Musk-run Tesla increased from $96 billion in March 2020 to $641 billion in March 2021, a 565 percent increase and a clear overtake in the top ten.

Technology remains the largest sector by market capitalization ($10.5 trillion), while the top 100 global technology companies are seeing a 71% increase compared to their March 2020 value, in line with a broader industry benchmark.

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