The Russian “VK” platform introduces additional features to video viewing services

The Russian network “VK” announced that it will make modifications to the videos that could make it able to make services more accessible and enjoyable, and on the one hand it quoted the Emirati statement.

“Due to the increasing demand for watching videos on the network, programmers decided to introduce short vertical videos through VK Clips services,” the network officials said.

Shares, parts, parts of the video show, parts, parts of the video show, parts, parts of the wall display, other parts.

In the network, Alexander Dzyuba: “The new update will be considered the biggest change in the VK network, in order to adapt to the wishes” .

Recently, VK also announced the launch of new “VK clips” created through the application of short videos provided by Tik Tok, Facebook, YouTube and many other popular sites.

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