NASA prepares to launch Artemis 1 lunar test mission

The US space agency has decided that its rocket launch is ready for rocket launch and the spacecraft for launch.

Artemis 1 is the first test of space-based, space-based and Earth-support systems, and as the first in a growing series of missions, Artemis 1 will pave the way for long-term lunar extraction. Ready reply, 22, 22, 22, 22, 22, 22, 22, 22, quick, fast, fast courier post: “You’re now ready to share at first.”

By reaching the final stage of the countdown, directly as the final count when it occurs in rapid activities, I exercised the difference between all assets and capabilities of the system: the SLS rocket, the Orion spacecraft, and exploration systems including at Launch Complex 39B and other supporting sites.

“Our Project Artemis launch worked quickly to adapt to the dynamics of fuel loading operations,” said Charlie Blackwell Thompson, Artemis launch director at Kennedy. “Late May 2022, however, expanding for multiple delays at rehearsal, pushed the massive Moon rocket even further.”

The result was a first in August, and by visiting the site for the first time in a week, it establishes a long exploration of the journey to Mars.

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