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This is what Ibn Talal Maddah said about the night honoring his father

The name of the late Saudi artist Talal Maddah topped the artistic and cultural scene on social media, immediately after Turki Al-Sheikh announced the initiative to revive a night of honor for the late artist.

More than 30 male and female artists from the Arab world competed to participate, confirming their joy and desire to participate on this night. Although more than 20 years have passed since the departure of the voice of the earth, it is still static in the conscience and feelings with the delicate feeling that traveled us through its voice years ago.

Talal Maddah’s night will be immortalized in history

In an interview with with Abdullah Ibn Talal Maddah, the son expressed his great happiness and pride in holding a night honoring his father, stressing that it will be a night of history with the great efforts behind him, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh.

In his speech, he affirmed his overwhelming love for this hospitality, which he witnessed after announcing the initiative. He said that everyone is overwhelmed with happiness at the night of honoring Talal Maddah, who still lives in the hearts of his fans and fans.

Abdullah the son and Talal Maddah the father

And about the stars who will participate in this night, Abdullah said that they will present most of their artistic and musical giving, and their number exceeds 30 stars in the Arab world, indicating that the emerging and talented artists when they watch such honorary nights, they will have the motivation to present the good taste in the song.

He stated that the idea of ​​a ceremony honoring his father came to him two years ago, but the timing of its presentation now was distinguished, noting that the participation of these stars with their high artistic value and ancient history will add glow to the expected big night that will date the artistic history in the Arab world.

Abdullah added that Chancellor Turki Al-Sheikh plans and works day and night for the success of the expected night, and the most important thing is to satisfy the artistic audience and the high-end musical taste.

Abdullah revealed that the late Talal Maddah owns in his archive about 50 songs that were locked up in the drawers and did not see the light.

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