Watch Zinedine Zidane cry, affected by emotional moments

Moments of emotional human weakness attacked the French-Algerian coach Zinedine Zidane yesterday, so he cried, affected by his choice as a sponsor for a project being carried out by one of the associations of children with cancer in France.

He could not control himself, and tried as much as possible to hold back the tears that he struggled with and came out of his eyes while delivering a speech to those who attended yesterday, Monday, the inauguration ceremony of a new children’s home in the administrative municipality of Istres, far in the Bouches-du-Rhône region, more than 60 kilometers from the city of Marseille overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. He thanked the association behind the project, for its care of children suffering from cancer in its final stages, and said: “I feel proud of being chosen as a sponsor for the home. You have chosen the right person,” as he put it.

Zidane, who will celebrate next Friday the 51st anniversary of his birth in Marseille to Algerian immigrant parents, recalled during his speech something from a past that was difficult for him and his parents after the death of one of his four brothers, and it seems that he died of cancer, so he said: “I will fully support you and I will make every effort.” possible to support this project and these families.”

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