There are no results on the missing submarine.. and the lack of oxygen and food worries us

The US Coast Guard issued a new statement, today, Wednesday, about the search for the missing tourist submarine near the Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, stressing that the search efforts did not yield any results, but it continues.

The statement added, “The noises that were heard appeared to be man-made, so these sounds are now being analyzed to ensure that they are not from the vehicles involved in the research.”

“The search for the missing submarine is taking place in an area that has been heard with noise, an area that is twice the state of Connecticut,” the statement said.

The US Coast Guard statement indicated that the amount of oxygen is not only what concerns us, but also the amount of food, as we do not know exactly how much food is left for the crew, but it is certainly a very limited amount.

The world holds its breath as it follows the news and developments of the submarine “Titan”, which disappeared from the radar, and inside it were five rich people from the world who dived into the depths of the sea on a trip they thought was a tourist to see the wreck of the famous Titanic.

The US Coast Guard confirmed that “bad weather conditions make it difficult to search for the missing submarine.”

The US Coast Guard said, “The search for the submarine is being conducted by ships surveying the seabed.”

And in the latest news of the relief work that is racing against time to reach the submarine before it is too late, resorting to what was called the “last chance”, which is a battery of heavy machinery and submarines that arrived in Canada tonight to help rescuers in the “desperate search” operation.

“Cables and a submarine to the rescue”

The combination of winches, cables and unmanned vehicles capable of being launched underwater 19,000 feet was delivered to St. John’s Airport in Newfoundland by three US Air Force cargo planes. She was taken, escorted by a police escort, to the port where the waiting Horizon Arctic was due to set sail at midnight.

But with the 15-hour sea voyage to the search area where the five people were trapped underwater, you arrive precariously just as Titan’s submarine will run out of air.

The desperate search continues as more ships come aboard the Titanic’s wreck for the deepest undersea rescue mission ever.

Rescue teams are struggling to find the submarine Titan, which set off on Sunday morning on its voyage and lost contact with it within two hours.

The US Air Force arrives in Canada

Billionaire Hamish Harding, French explorer Paul-Henri Nargolet, CEO of OceanGate Stockton Rush and Shahzada Daoud, 48, a board member of the UK-based charity Prince’s Trust, and his son Suleiman Daoud, 19, are the people stuck on the submarine.

A major effort, involving several nations, is under way to try to rescue the crew. Late Tuesday, rescuers reported hearing “crackling sounds” at some point during the rescue effort.

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