The popping in the submarine location may have been caused by the wreckage of the Titanic

The “popping” sounds detected by Canadian planes at intervals of every 30 minutes Submarine search area Stranded, including stranded since last Sunday, may have resulted from the wreckage of the Titanic itself, according to what Admiral John Mauger of the US Coast Guard answered when asked by a CBS News anchor about the possibility that the “pop” was a man-made noise.

The admiral described the site of the Titanic wreck this morning, Wednesday, as “incredibly complex. You have to remember that it is a site in which minerals and various bodies abound in the water,” according to what we hear mentioned in the video shown by “Al” below, and indicates that it may collide and collide. “For this reason, we engaged experts from the Navy who understand the noise scientifically, to provide us with better information about its source,” he said.

His answers come in a press conference he held, at a time when the US Coast Guard said that searches with remotely operated vehicles were deployed in the area where Canadian planes detected “noise” under the sea yesterday, Tuesday, as the last 24 hours of air supply ended. presumed lost submarine.

However, the BBC quoted British Professor Simon Boxall, senior lecturer in oceanography at the University of Southampton in England, as saying that what was heard from the underwater noise “gives hope” that those on the submarine are still alive. And despite “a lot of sound sources in the ocean, it really gives hope.”

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