What did the five trapped for 4 days in the submarine feel?

A forensic psychiatrist, the British Sohom Das, who works in hospitals, criminal courts and prisons in which the mentally retarded are rehabilitated, explained what those who had been stranded since last Sunday, especially on their last day, had felt. oxygen supply.

The submarine known as Titan It is not a submarine in the sense that we know it, but rather a “submersible” 6.7 meters long, equipped with oxygen and preserved food sufficient for 5 people for 96 hours, and there are no seats inside, and there is only one toilet in it, with a curtain for privacy.

They cling to hope

It launched early Sunday morning American time, or 12 noon GMT, and then happened 145 minutes later, which made it lose contact with its ship during its two-hour dive to reach the final resting place. of the sinking Titanic At the bottom of a depth of 3,800 meters under the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. As for the video shows, it shows inside them with people in it.

Dr. Sohum Das said that those trapped inside the submarine may cling to the hope they feel they can still be found, “but as the clock ticks, the truth will seep inside to where they feel deeply emotionally disturbed,” according to what he said yesterday. To the British newspaper “Daily Mail” in a short interview, he added that some of them will remain hopeful, and believe that they will be found and rescued.

And he considered that the five passengers will have many different reactions to their condition, and their reactions and emotions will change over time, “and they will at some point be a complete reflection of their life when they literally stare at the idea of ​​​​death and other points. It is likely that they will feel great panic and anxiety,” adding that they will suffer from physical symptoms. , ranging from hyperventilation to feeling dizzy and chest pains, and they will be emotionally immersed in trying to control what is happening to them,” as he put it.

None of the five suffer from agoraphobia, Dr. Sohum surmises, “otherwise they wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. However, I am sure that the intense and stifling nature of the situation they are in when dealing with the prospect of losing their lives will only add to the overall tension.” and their feelings of anxiety.

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