Video of a submarine victim predicting death on the ocean floor

The pioneers of the communication sites shared an old video clip of the French captain, Paul-Henri Nargolet, one of the five victims who lost their lives on board Submarine Titan At the bottom of the ocean, he predicts a tragic end.

“We’ll die at the bottom.”

Narjoleh, who made more than 35 dives at the Titanic wreck site, appeared in the video about a scenario if a submarine got stuck at the bottom of the ocean next to the Titanic.

“If you’re with the ship, stuck at the bottom, you can survive for a while because you can stay about four or five days at the bottom, but it won’t help much,” he said in his interview 6 years ago.

‘Debris is a dangerous environment’

He added that the submarine commander must be “very careful around the wreckage of the ship… the wreckage is a dangerous environment.”

He also added in the same interview, “We know very well that we will die” due to hypothermia, adding, “After a while, you die of cold, and it is not a bad way to die because you fall asleep.”

He made 35 dives to the Titanic site

Narjolet is a French marine expert who has made more than 35 dives at the site of the Titanic wreck. He is also the Director of Underwater Research for the RMS Titanic, an American company that owns the rights to salvage the famous wreck and displays many artifacts in Titanic exhibits.

Catastrophic implosion

The US Coast Guard announced Thursday, during a press conference from Boston, that the remains of the submarine, which was found near the wreckage of the “Titanic”, indicate the occurrence of a “catastrophic internal explosion.”

“This morning, wreckage belonging to the submarine Titan was discovered on the sea floor about 1,600 feet (487 meters) from the Titanic, and additional wreckage was found at a later time,” Admiral John Mauger told a news conference.

The submarine disappeared, last Sunday, after descending to see the wreckage of the century-old “Titanic” ship at a depth of 4,000 meters below the surface of the water, in the North Atlantic Ocean, after an hour and 45 minutes of its dive, carrying 5 passengers on board.

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