Unanswered question about the submarine Titan.. What happened to the bodies of the victims?

Hundreds of questions are still searching for answers, after the tragedy of the submarine Titan, whose wreckage was found Thursday, as it was trying to explore the wreckage of the Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, with 5 of the world’s wealthy on board, as it would seem that they had gone on a “no return” trip.

Perhaps one of the most important information that investigators and followers of the event around the world seek to obtain is related to The way the five occupants of the submarine perished in the tragic incident.

And after the statements of the US Coast Guard, Thursday, which suggested a “catastrophic internal explosion” inside the submarine, an expert in submarine science revealed that the victims were killed “perhaps without feeling anything.”

It is stated that The implosion they call “explosion” or implosionBecause it is the opposite of an explosion or an explosion, and it tears the physical body when it occurs and releases it scattering from the inside to the outside, or from bottom to top. As for the “explosion”, the exact opposite occurs, as the physical body collapses on itself by the force of pressure on it from the outside, which is what happened – most likely – with the Titan submarine.

“No time to absorb what’s going on.”

And according to what was reported by “Reuters”, Will Connen, chairman of the Naval Technology Association Committee on Manned Submarines, based in Washington, explained that the five victims “may not have had enough time to absorb what happened to the submarine,” in the event that the theory of its explosion from the inside is correct. American coasts.

“If the submarine exploded from the inside, it is likely that it happened within a thousandth of a second,” Konen said.

The expert added, “Maybe this is a mercy, because it was a kinder end than the very difficult situation of the victims being 4 days in a cold, dark and cramped place.” Communications with the submarine were cut off on Sunday and its wreckage was found on Thursday.

“So, this would have happened very quickly,” he said. “I don’t think anyone had enough time to process what happened.”

For her part, the retired Navy doctor, Dr. Eileen Marty, revealed shocking information about the implosion (explosion) of the Titan submarine in the depths of the ocean, stressing that “the entire submarine will have collapsed before the people inside realize that there is a problem.”

“fraction of a millisecond”

“When you get an explosion like this, it happens in a fraction of a millisecond,” Marty said.
The retired Navy doctor noted that implosion is “incredibly fast,” adding: “And it takes more than that, about 0.25 times that for the human brain to realize what’s going on.”

“The whole submarine will have collapsed before the people inside realize there is a problem,” Marty asserted.

As for the speed of the implosion – or explosion -, the doctor indicated that it occurs at a speed of “1,500 miles per hour,” or approximately 2,400 kilometers per hour.
The famous American diver Michael Harris, an expert in divers diving, and the “Titanic” wreck because he visited it frequently, expressed pessimism about the ability of the US Navy to save the submarine Titan and its passengers, and he said Monday evening to the American “Fox News” network that “the worst thing that happened to its structure is that it It exploded at a depth of 3,200 metres,” suggesting that it “sank to extraordinary depths to reach the wreck, a dive to the bottom that takes two and a half hours to reach over 10,000 feet,” or more than 3,000 metres.

Many activists addressed the issue, including those who tried to analyze what happened to the bodies of the five rich people aboard the submarine Titan, explaining that the bodies of the victims would never be found because they disintegrated and disappeared with the impact of the explosion that occurred inside the submarine.

@the. inkhorn If you’re curious, and have the stomach, look up the byford dolphin incident. There are pictures of the remains of the people who died. They imploded at 9 bars (unit of measurement for pressure) and were blown into chunks. This submersible incident took place at 400 bar. In other words, they’re soup. #titanic #oceangate #submarine #physics ♬ original sound – InkHorn

Details of the Titan submarine tragedy

* The submarine Titan set off on a two-hour voyage Sunday morning, but lost contact with the support vessel after about 1 hour and 45 minutes, in what should have been just a two-hour dive to the world’s most famous shipwreck site.

* After a search that lasted for days, the US Coast Guard announced Thursday that the wreckage of the submarine had been found, and that its destruction was caused by a “catastrophic internal explosion” that claimed the lives of all those on board.

* An official in the Coast Guard told reporters that an automated vehicle that can dive into the depths, sent from a Canadian ship, discovered a site of wreckage from the submarine Thursday morning on the ocean floor, about 488 meters from the bow of the sunken ship Titanic, and at a depth of 4 kilometers from the surface of the water, in A remote corner of the North Atlantic Ocean.

* Coast Guard officials confirmed the discovery of 5 large fragments of Titan’s wreck, measuring 6.7 meters in length, including the tail cone and two sections of the submarine’s hull.

*There was no mention of whether human remains were seen at the site.

The question remains.. Where are the bodies of the Titan submarine victims?!

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