The wreckage is being examined.. America is opening an investigation into the Titan submarine explosion

The US Coast Guard announced, on Monday, that it had opened an investigation to determine the causes of the Titan submarine explosion. Five of its passengers died while diving towards the wreck of the Titanic.

“My primary goal is to prevent such an event from happening by making recommendations to improve the safety of the maritime industry around the world,” Jason Neubauer, the Coast Guard’s chief investigator in charge of the investigation, told a news conference in Boston.

He added that work was underway to collect an initial set of evidence, including any “debris at the accident site”. Also, the US investigation will be able to issue an opinion “if necessary” on any possible legal prosecutions.

On Saturday, the Canadian authorities also opened an investigation into the explosion of the small submarine Titan, whose disappearance near the wreckage of the sunken ship Titanic, with five people on board, launched a search operation in which several countries participated.

“Our job is to find out what happened and why and to determine what can be changed to reduce the chances or risk of such events occurring in the future,” said Transportation Safety Council of Canada President Kathy Fox.

The US Coast Guard reported Thursday that all five people on board the submarine died after it suffered a “catastrophic explosion”.

The wreckage was found on the sea floor 500 meters from the wreck of the Titanic.

Hundreds of questions are still searching for answers about the “no return” journey undertaken by 5 of the world’s wealthy.

Perhaps one of the most important information that investigators and followers of the event around the world seek to obtain is related to The way the five passengers of the submarine perished in the tragic incident.

And after the statements of the US Coast Guard, Thursday, which suggested a “catastrophic internal explosion” inside the submarine, an expert in submarine science revealed that the victims were killed “perhaps without feeling anything.”

It is mentioned that they call that internal explosion “explosion” or implosion, because it is the opposite of an explosion or an explosion, and it tears the physical body when it occurs and releases it scattering from the inside to the outside, or from bottom to top. As for the “explosion”, the exact opposite occurs, as the physical body collapses on itself by the force of pressure on it from the outside, which is what happened – most likely – with the Titan submarine.

And according to what was reported by “Reuters”, Will Connen, chairman of the Naval Technology Association Committee on Manned Submarines, based in Washington, explained that the five victims “may not have had enough time to absorb what happened to the submarine,” in the event that the theory of its explosion from the inside is correct. American coasts.

“If the submarine exploded from the inside, it is likely that it happened within a thousandth of a second,” Konen said.

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